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Welcome to Hitachi AT300 Wrapsite!

This WrapSite brings paperless solutions to support Hitachi operations on the AT300 fleets. ExcelWraps is a paperless on-line data solution that any Excel user can harness to replace paper forms with enterprise wide web data applications. Ideal for task management, workflow, incident reporting, safety assessments, compliance, site inspections, supply line management, audits, inventory processing… etc. We offer a future with no paperwork, no lost forms, no undecipherable scribbles, no photocopying, no duplicate errors, no filing and immediate access to the huge amounts of data you collect. The benefits of introducing Wraps are increased productivity, better access to business information, increased competitiveness, increased profitability, increased quality, increased traceability, improved supply chain responsiveness and increased customer satisfaction.

KPI Scorecard Wrap

An online version of a daily vehicle handover inspection process.

Wheel Load Balance and Vehicle Levelling Wrap

Expert Knowledge Suspension Algorithm deliver to the shop floor for 12 fold productivity gain.

Bogie Overhaul Wrap

'Matrix and Morph' technique for fast online overhaul solution.